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The emblem of Don Bosco School, Bandel, West Bengal, India has the picture of Don Bosco the Father and Teacher of Young in the most prominent place. This is because Don Bosco the person has a very unique place in the history of our school. Here we actualize the vision and the mission of Don Bosco: to make every child a God loving person and an honest citizen.

LOTUS represents the purity, beauty and wisdom of life a student should uphold unaffected by his circumstances. The Lotus is also a symbol of learning and wisdom.

WATER is fundamental for life. Everything on earth has existence because of water. A student must be rooted here on earth, draw the good things of the earth and bring forth something beautiful like the Lotus.

SERVICE is the moral and ethical requirement for a student. As he seeks to mould himself into a mature human being he shows his quality of life through the service he renders to the community, to the society and to the country, fulfilling Don Bosco's vision of an honest citizen.

KNOWLEDGE is the ability to integrate oneself and discover the truth and beauty of life with an enquiring mind. The educative process instills in the mind of a student a thirst for this knowledge which leads him to freedom.

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School Synopsis

Don Bosco School Bandel is an English Medium Christian Minority Institution and forms part of the West Bengal Chapter of Association of Heads of Anglo Indian Schools, established and run by the Salesians of Don Bosco, Northern India. The school is recognized by the Education Department of West Bengal for both the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) and the Indian School Certificate Examinations (ISC).

Don Bosco Bandel fulfills of the vision of St. John Bosco Priest and Educator of the 19th Century, the Father and Teacher of Young who wanted every student to be a good and God loving human being and an honest citizen. The method of education followed in the school is the Preventive System taught and practiced by Don Bosco. It is based on Reason, Religion and Loving Kindness.

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  • AdmissionApplications for admissions are accepted from students of all religious faiths. However, Christians and Anglo-Indians are given preference.
    Parents are asked to fill in the Admission Forms with the utmost accuracy.No subsequent changes will be permitted.

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  • AchievementsWe recognize and sometimes reward people for "achieving" milestones that we have determined significant, like graduation from high school or college, receiving a promotion, winning a sports tournament.