Welcome To Don Bosco School, Bandel

Life Of St. Don Bosco

John Bosco, the father and friend of youth, was born on August 16, 1815, in a peasant family in the little hamlet of Becchi, some 20 kilometers from Turin, Italy. When John was only two years old, his father, Francis Bosco passed away. His grief stricken mother, Margaret Occhiena Bosco, had a harrowing time to bring him up.

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Vision of Don Bosco

Don Bosco,
He dreamt big
Loved much, showed the way.

A penniless orphan boy had a dream
of helping friendless, homeless youth.
He became a Priest.
Welcomed lost and lonely youth.
Molded them, not harshly, but with love.

His secret:
Deep and genuine love,
that turns a school into a home
marked by warmth and laughter,

ruled by love, not fear,
held together by God’s tender care.

Don Bosco,
God's gift to the young.

School Anthem

Like a beacon to the Hooghly river
A guardian to its sacred past
Stands in elegance Don Bosco
A school of wisdom, virtue, love
Through unity, harmony, peace
A loving home to all her sons
With knowledge and service her motto
A ray of hope to all around.

Don Bosco the seat of wisdom
Where God abides
Don Bosco our father and guide
Will ever live.

To do service to God and to man
To be His light in the shadows of time
To love our country and everyone
To be good citizens of our land.
We'll rise and shine in the world
Like true sons of Don Bosco
We will build a better world.
With blessings from heaven above.

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