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Experience XpreZnS X.

About Us

Bosco XpreZnS is the annual
inter-school fest hosted by Don Bosco School, Bandel. Let open the world to a domain of infinite possibilities.

XpreZnS, served fresh!

Experience XpreZnS.

XpreZnS is a festival that fosters the pruning of young minds and celebrates their undying spirit and ethos, laced with a burst of merriment. We seek to promote and harness the flair and faculties of the youth. We fashion a ministry of utmost happiness that will take you on an intimate journey into the deepest recesses of the soul. At a byroad of minds converging to create a spell of extraordinary incendiary passion, is it possible to reinvent homogeneity of the gala show? Infused with a newfangled dynamism and ardour, XpreZnS will transport you to the knolls and vales of the unknown. It will let you sing along to the clarion call of the songbirds; it will let you be your unapologetically crazy and quirky self.

Events list

There are a total of twenty-three events being hosted at XpreZnS X. Download the list here.

Junior Events

In a dilemma about the events meant for the little ones? We've got you covered. Download the rule book today!

Senior Events

We have got a good number of events for the seniors in town. Download the list of events for the seniors now.

Core Committee

In a need to contact the core committee? We're always here to help you out. Download the contact list today!


Melange of Memories

XpreZnS has grown from the tiny toddler steps back in 2008 to what it is today. Let's have a look at the deserving memories and walk down the ten years of fostering excellence.

Bosco Vaani

Oriental music at its best. Bosco Vaani is an event that goes unparalleled.

Bosco Troupestars

Bosco Troupestars, aka Street Play is the event where dramatists take over. Shakespeare, are you watching?

Bosco School of Rock

Western Music, served chilled.

Bosco Scrapwar

The perfect blend of surprise and the unorthodox way of music. Bosco Scrapwar is one of the most awaited events of XpreZnS.

Bosco Footloose

A major attraction and a consistent crowd puller, strap your seat belts and live the euphoria!

Hear from the Prefects

  • I welcome everyone to witness the grandeur of XpreZnS. The tenth edition is by far one of the most awaited ones, and the excitement is only justifiable... I bet you all will have an awesome time, and plenty of memories to make. We await your participation in the events. Best wishes!

    Author image
    Harsh Sharma School Captain
  • XpreZnS '17 is going to be a class apart from all the earlier editions- bigger, better, and more fun! We're working to make your day special. Come, experience the enigma!

    Author image
    Dipankan Bandyopadhyay Prefect, Green House
  • XpreZnS X is finally here. It's time to harness the hercules, hit the bull's eye of brilliance, and recall your magnum opus. Welcome to the most awaited fest of the region. With an array of events, deluge of happiness, we promise you an exhilarating ride. Till then, Godspeed!

    Author image
    Vineet Upadhyay Prefect, Yellow House
  • The Xth Edition of Bosco XpreZns, is at its peak of Excellence. I invite you to join us in the grandeur of the 25 breathtaking events. Come make an alcove for yourself on the walls of the hall of fame, with the firestrom within and with the invisible fermiun that lies deep within you and works wonders. Come attain eternal glory, Nirvana, the thirst of the human race from antiquity to the present date. And yes, delicious food awaits your presence !

    Author image
    Siddhant Sharma Prefect, Blue House
  • Welcome to Bosco Xprezns 2017: the stage is set. Come, showcase, conquer. We're ready for a plethora of talents. Until then, Benediximus!

    Author image
    Suryendu Bhattacharya Prefect, Red House