Yuvana For You

It matters not how strait the gate, How charged with punishments the scroll, I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul.

The fast lanes of the cities, the fragile people trying to become hashtag one, this mad race tries to pull him back, to make him a part the ordinary group, the shakti (power) of his will makes him rise, he rises above all these, makes a stride to go against the harsh tide and aspires to cross the horizon to become an inspiration, the North Star, the Yuva shatters the chains of the mediocre society to make his mark, to attain Nirvana.


Imaginarium Unleashed

The bastion of brilliance, the purveyor of panache, the garrison of greatness, Bosco Xprezns has been an inextricable part of the eternal upholding of the virtuosity of the youth.

Xprezns , with myriad facets, is a chink of hope that steers the artistry of juvenescence. With a lively zest, we are back with a dazzling, buoyant array of events that promise entertainment as well as edification, augmenting adroitness . The imaginarium will be never like before.

With our theme- Yuvana, this time it will be one giddy, exhilarating ride. Soaring and sweeping , the razzmatazz will send you into a thrall , as we have always!

Experience Xprezns X

From the president's desk

Thousands of years ago, on a pleasant night, a Prince, handsome, good-looking, and pleasing to the eye, with a most beautiful complexion, left his family in search for the end to the mysterious cycle of life. Years later, when he understood this viscous cycle in which mankind was forever entangled, he delivered his supreme teaching - "You cannot travel the path until you have become the path itself." This Prince also pointed out that one can free himself from the vicious cycle of ignorance through the extinction of the "three fires" - "passion, aversion and ignorance".
And for all this he earned the title "Lord". Surprisingly, in this 22nd century, we find ourselves in a fix; in a dilemma. Often I ask a question to myself, which I think must have occurred to you as well. "Can I reach the Pinnacle of Perfection?" Youth, as we are, the question is apt but answer seems to be vague. I think at this crossroad we need to go through the pages of history once again for the question has been answered by the Prince. Before proceeding I want you to ask a question to yourself- "When do you reach the Pinnacle of Perfection?" For the simplest of all answers,"We can reach this destiny of ours only through hard work, passion and dedication". These requirements can be fulfilled only when you reach the final stage- a distant land, hiding behind the walls of fear- fear of defeat. This July, as we gear up for the all important festival of ours, this question shall be answered. This Bosco XpreZns, I promise you this distant land that you are seeking. This Bosco XpreZns, I promise you YUVANA- where Youth attains Nirvana. When you find yourself in this YUVANA of ours, you will realise that you are the Prince and the answer lies within You- the Youth. It is only when you free yourself from this realm of ugly competition that you will attain Nirvana. It is in this YUVANA of ours that you will reach the Pinnacle of Perfection.
At the end I would like to make a humble request- "I request you all to enjoy YUVANA rather than building a cut-throat. Remember it is only when you defeat yourself, you can reach that height which no one else can- for you are the best and by defeating yourself, you are defeating the best- the Prince."
President, Students Council.


He's Yuvana, he's the Yuva who broke apart from this cycle of birth, but by fulfilling his duty responsibily throughout his journey, the Creator and the Sustainer bestow their trust upon him, the trust which grants him eternal bliss called Nirvana.

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